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Our customization process is very detailed, following a few essential steps for a perfect execution.


Get in touch with us and make your garment unique.


You tell us what idea you have and why you have decided to personalize with us. We make sure that you want to be part of this process to make an appointment and get to work.

personal interview

We make an appointment and we will carry out a personal interview of approximately 1h. This is the most important part of the process since, through various dynamics, we will talk about who you are and how to express it. We will also select the jacket on which we will intervene.


After the interview we will make a sketch that will serve as a guide for what to paint. In this part of the process we can still contact you to finalize details.  


From here on, you will no longer know anything about us. 


The time has come! We get down to work. We start by layering white in order to perfectly prepare the "canvas" on which we are going to paint. We capture the design and take the jacket to a dressmaker so that she can border the labels and finalize all the details and ...

Ready to ship!

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